About Us

What is Cannabis Millionaire?

Over the last few years, cannabis has been legalized for medicinal and recreational use in many countries worldwide. As a result, trading in cannabis stocks has grown exponentially and it is clearly evident that the biggest and most profitable revolution in decades has arrived.

This is where Cannabis Millionaire takes centre stage.

This effective and powerful trading software enables traders, both new and professional, to trade cannabis stocks with ease. The software has been built on an elite algorithm that offers a high level of accuracy, while its superior technology is able to pinpoint profitable trading opportunities much quicker than any other system that is available in the market today. By receiving trading signals in real time, which accurately tell you which cannabis stock to trade and when, our traders are able to trade marijuana stocks with ease and to profit.

Working together with the CEO of Cannabis Millionaire, Dr Pettle, we are a dedicated team of professionals that have a clear understanding of the enormity of the cannabis market and the profit earning potential it offers. We have worked hard to create a solution that allows anyone, even those without any prior trading experience, to trade weed stocks and to make money. We also understand that this new industry can be intimidating and as a result, the Cannabis Millionaire software has been developed to do all the hard work for you. From analysing the financial markets and identifying potential trading options, to making the trades automatically for you, Cannabis Millionaire is an all-inclusive trading software that enables you to be a part of the ‘green rush.’

At Cannabis Millionaire, we are committed to your trading success and as a result, we will be with you at every step of your trading journey. With Cannabis Millionaire, you can finally enjoy financial freedom, thanks to the thriving and expanding cannabis market.


Cannabis - The Asset of Choice

Cannabis trading is the core of the Cannabis Millionaire software. To put this into perspective, let us look at how the legalization of cannabis is growing globally. In 2018, Canada fully legalized the use of cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use. Following in their footsteps, many states in the US and several European countries have followed suit and with more time, this legalization is likely to expand globally. People can no longer ignore the many benefits of cannabis and the stigma attached to this drug, is quickly fading.

As cannabis is legalized and recognized more around the world, many companies have started offering ancillary services and products to support this industry. As these companies emerge, their exponential growth has become evident. To put it into perspective, the share prices of some Canadian companies linked to cannabis for medicinal use have increased by 68% in only a few weeks. Analysts have also predicted that packaging suppliers for the cannabis industry will grow by triple digits, as cannabis demand grows in US states such as Nevada, California, and Massachusetts. Their forecasts are that cannabis sales in the US will grow to $80 billion in 2030; compared to about $50 billion today.

At Cannabis Millionaire, we have a clear understanding of this growth potential and our software has been developed to meet this growth, enabling our traders to find the right asset to trade at the right time. It simply doesn’t get any easier than this.


Who We Are?

Our CEO, Dr Pettle, was one of the first few professionals who quickly understood the growing cannabis industry and the money-making potential it offered. He worked with a dedicated team of expert traders, software developers and analysts to create a software system that could analyse the financial markets at rapid speed and with laser accuracy, to provide real-time data regarding which cannabis stock to trade at the right time so profits could be earned.

As the legalization of cannabis spreads more, the cost of these company shares is likely to rise. This might make the direct buying and selling of cannabis stocks out of reach for retail investors. In our understanding of this, we offer trading on cannabis CFDs or contracts for differences. What this means is that instead of having to purchase cannabis stocks at their full price, with CFDs you are simply making a prediction regarding the direction that the price of the asset will move – either up or down. If your prediction is correct, you will earn a profit. It is as simple as that!

In addition, CFDs ensure that you can profit even when cannabis stock prices are increasing or decreasing. This type of trading also allows for leveraged trading which means you can invest more than your own trading capital. In this way, you are able to make a lot more money, much quicker, compared to purchasing shares which are expensive, limited and take a lot of time to grow.
Cannabis Millionaire software is the perfect solution that will give you direct access to the lucrative world of cannabis trading.


What Does the Cannabis Millionaire Software Offer?

In order to ensure that our clients have all the tools, features and services required to trade cannabis stocks effectively, Cannabis Millionaire offers a wide range of essential features.

These include:

Free of Charge –

You are probably wondering how much it costs to use the Cannabis Millionaire software and the fact is, it is free of charge. We want our clients to get the opportunity to be a part of this growing industry and to profit. You simply need to make a deposit of $250 into your trading account and these funds are your trading capital which will enable you to trade your preferred cannabis stocks.

Seamless Banking Options –

We offer a choice of safe, secure and effective banking options, allowing you to deposit and withdraw your funds to and from your trading account with ease.

Customer Support –

At Cannabis Millionaire, our clients are our top priority. We are always here for you and if you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us at any time.

Ease of Use –

With Cannabis Millionaire, it is easy to trade cannabis stocks. Even if you have never traded online before, or if you do not know how to analyse the financial markets, Cannabis Millionaire will do all the work for you. Our software is also a web-based system, which means you only require a device with a modern browser and an Internet connection in order to get started.

Professional Brokers –

At Cannabis Millionaire, we have hand-selected and partnered with top quality, reliable brokers. These brokers will provide you with access to the trading platform, a wealth of educational resources, a dedicated account manager, vital trading tools and graphs, trading tips, responsive customer support and much more. Our Cannabis Millionaire software has been developed to operate seamlessly with our preferred brokers.

Start Trading Cannabis CFDs Now

At Cannabis Millionaire, we are dedicated to providing direct access to trade a wide range of cannabis stocks. As trading in cannabis grows globally, we are well-positioned to provide our clients with first-rate software that will pinpoint lucrative trading opportunities. We invite you to join the Cannabis Millionaire trading family and to become a profitable part of the ‘green rush.’